Get Business Locations

GET /reservation/api/1/user/platform/{platform-code}/business-locations

Retrieve all the business locations accessible for a User

Path parameters

  • platform-code string Required

    The unique code assigned to the reservation platform.

    Maximum length is 11. Format should match the following pattern: [a-zA-Z0-9_-]+.

Query parameters

  • page integer(int32)

    The page number, when paginating

    Default value is 0.

  • size integer(int32)

    The items per page, when paginating

    Default value is 10000.


  • 200 application/json

    A list of business locations

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • businessLocationId integer(int64)

      The unique identifier of the business location.

    • name string

      The business location's name.

    • street1 string

      The first line of the business location's street address.

    • street2 string

      The second line of the business location's street address.

    • city string

      The business location's city.

    • state string

      The business location's state.

    • country string

      The business location's country.

    • zip string

      The business location's postal code.

  • Non relevant request

  • Access token not relevant for the businessLocation, use authorization-code

  • No business locations found

GET /reservation/api/1/user/platform/{platform-code}/business-locations
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
    "zip": "101201",
    "city": "Genève",
    "name": "Le Gâteau",
    "state": "Canton de Genève",
    "country": "CH",
    "street1": "Rue de la Servette 10",
    "street2": "Suite 2",
    "businessLocationId": 123456789