Get Single Menu

GET /o/op/1/menu/load/{menuId}

Returns details of a particular menu based on its unique identifier and other query parameters.

Path parameters

  • menuId integer(int64) Required

    Unique identifier for the menu.

Query parameters

  • businessLocationId integer(int64) Required

    The unique identifier of the business location.

  • The account profile code. Item prices returned will be those associated with this account profile, when applicable. See Guide for more details.

    Default value is empty.

  • Query parameter to include rich content of menu items.

    Default value is false.


  • 200 application/json

    Successful retrieval of menu details.

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    • menuName string

      The name of the menu.

    • menuEntryGroups array[object]

      Menu groups of this menu. The top-level entry will always be of type "group", representing a menu screen. Beneath each menuEntryGroup will be a menuEntry array containing any combination of one or more menu entries:

      • A menuItemEntry represents an individual item.
      • A menuGroupEntry represents a menu sub-screen.
      • A menuDealEntry represents a combo.
      Hide menuEntryGroups attributes Show menuEntryGroups attributes object
      • @type string

        Indicates this is a menu group, which represents a menu screen in the POS.

        Value is group.

      • id string

        The menu group ID.

      • name string

        The menu group name.

      • color string

        The color of the button in the POS.

      • menuEntry array[object]

        Array of menu entry objects.

        One of:
    • Indicates whether or not rich item data is missing, if requested.

    • ikentooMenuId integer(int64)

      The unique identifier for the menu.

  • 503 */*

    Service Unavailable

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GET /o/op/1/menu/load/{menuId}
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "menuName": "Main Menu",
  "menuEntryGroups": [
      "@type": "group",
      "id": "141948669133028",
      "name": "Mains",
      "color": "blue",
      "menuEntry": [
          "@type": "menuItem",
          "productName": "Burger",
          "productPrice": 10.0,
          "extraPrice": 1.99,
          "color": "blue",
          "sku": "25",
          "customItemNameEnabled": false,
          "pricingStrategy": "PRICE_CANNOT_BE_CUSTOMIZED",
          "itemRichData": {
            "squareImageUrl": "",
            "rawImageUrl": "",
            "containsAlcohol": true,
            "alcoholPercentage": 13.0,
            "texts": [
                "locale": "en",
                "description": "<p>Burger in english</p>",
                "friendlyDisplayName": "Burger - ENG"
            "allergenCodes": [
          "defaultTaxAmount": 1.5,
          "defaultTaxPercentage": 15.0,
          "taxIncludedInPrice": false,
          "asSubItem": true,
          "productionInstructionList": [
              "multiSelectionPermitted": false,
              "productionInstructionList": [
                  "instruction": "Bleu",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784488
                  "instruction": "Rare",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784490
                  "instruction": "Medium Rare",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784492
                  "instruction": "Medium",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784494
                  "instruction": "Medium well",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784496
                  "instruction": "Well done",
                  "ikentooModifierId": 236025632784498
              "productionIntructionGroupId": 236025632784487,
              "productionInstructionGroupName": "Meat cooking"
  "richDataMissing": false,
  "ikentooMenuId": 141948669132851
Response examples (503)
{"status"=>"503", "timestamp"=>"2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00", "message"=>"string", "apiSubExceptions"=>[{"field"=>"string", "rejectedValue"=>"string", "message"=>"string"}]}